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Quartz Countertops are Strong and Durable

Apart from appearance, another reason Quartz countertops are popular among homeowners is because of their durability and strength. They are pretty much indestructible, even more so than granite.  Thanks to the binding agent quartz is mixed with during production, the countertop rarely cracks or chips off. It also makes Quartz countertops scratch-resistant. This serves well, especially if you are looking for a kitchen countertop. A sudden slip while cutting will literally make no scratch on the surface.  Quartz countertops are heat resistant as well. Maybe not as much as granite, but way more heat resistant than other types. So, you needn’t worry about an occasional coffee spill. The impenetrable nature of the countertop also keeps liquid seeping into the material. It prevents bacterial infestations too.

What’s more durable- Quartz or Granite?

The durability of the two materials has been a topic of debate for ages, and rightly so. They are both naturally found minerals carved out to produce splendid countertops. However, despite their similarities, it’s quite hard to narrow down the answer. Granite is a porous material, and the countertops produced by it are most often than not 100% pure. Yet, granite shows a few drawbacks in durability because of its penetrable nature. The pores in granite allow it to crack and chip off easily. It also allows water and other liquids to seep into the material, which is unfavorable in the long run. However, granite countertops are very resilient to heat and scratches, 

Making them the perfect material for outdoor use.They also fade a lot less than Quartz countertops. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are produced by mixing natural quartz with resin, making them a lot less penetrable. They are very rigid and nearly indestructible. However, quartz countertops are susceptible to heat and scratches because of resin. They are also quite difficult to repair if chipped off (which is extremely rare) unlike granite countertops. As seen, both types of countertops have pros and cons regarding durability. So, if durability is your top priority, recognize the conditions your countertop will face during its life cycle before settling on a quartz or granite countertop.

Maintaining Quartz and Granite Countertops

Out of the two, Quartz countertops are easier to maintain than granite countertops. This is because of the structure of each material. Granite countertops need to be sealed regularly because of their porous nature, unlike a countertop made of quartz.  An unsealed granite countertop will leave stains behind and also be more prone to damages. A well-sealed granite countertop will be a lot more durable, but not as much as a quartz countertop. This guide shows you how to seal a granite countertop properly by yourself. Apart from sealing, both quartz and granite countertops need to be cleaned regularly. You can clean them with soap, water, and a piece of cloth. Make sure that the cloth you use is not too rough so that it’s less likely to leave scratches. It’s also wise to wipe off any stains in granite countertops immediately before it leaves a mark.

The Looks

Frankly, you can not pick one over the other when it comes to appearance. Both offer a wide range of styles and colors for you to choose from and enhance your room’s decor.  But if it’s a 100% natural look you are looking for, granite countertops will do the trick. Yet, because of its manufacturing process, you have little control over the shade and its distribution. But it will undoubtedly give you an authentic natural look as the color blends from one shade to another. If you need a bit more flexibility in design and production, go for a quartz countertop. Unlike granite countertops which are carved from a stone slab, quartz countertops are produced by mixing quartz shards with resin or other binding agents. Therefore, it will allow you to have better control over the final product.  If you are looking for quartz or granite countertops in Orlando,  offers some of the best stone-based countertop designs available.


Finally, let’s look at the damage each countertop does to your wallet. The purchase and installation prices for both quartz and granite countertops may range from $1000 to $5000. This depends on many factors such as the finish, availability of material, and any additional features requested. You could also purchase material from a wholesaler, but make sure that they are trusted. It’s quite easy to pass inferior products as top-quality stuff because, let’s face it, most of us know very little about stones. So, if you are quite new to countertops and do not know about the actual prices out there, score a free estimate here.

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