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When Should I Install Corian Countertops in Orlando, FL?

So you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel in your Orlando area home, and you’re wondering about the best time to install Corian countertops. Choosing the right countertop and time for this significant home upgrade can help ensure your project stays on track and within budget. We will go over the ideal timing for installing these versatile, stylish countertops.

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There are several things you may want to think about before deciding to install Corian countertops in Orlando, FL. You should consider installing Corian countertops when you’re remodeling either your kitchen or bathroom. The installation can also be too noisy and messy, so it’s probably convenient to do it if another kind of change will affect your space. Lastly, the weather should be considered. You should also refrain from fitting Corian countertops in high-temperature situations like summer and low-temperature ones like winter periods. This is due to the expansion and contraction of the material itself when extreme temperatures prevail. This could later pose problems during installation.

Cost to Install

As you look for whom to hire to undertake the installation of the Corian countertop, ensure that you select an experienced, reputable firm. It is worth noting that there are many firms that specialize in making solid surface counters. One can check the ratings provided by previous clients on the internet. The typical installation of Corian counters in Orlando is estimated at $1500-$3500, depending on labor and materials costs. Nevertheless, the price may differ depending on how big your area is, the type of Corian, and its intricacy to install.

Get Ready for Some Big Decisions

Before we explore specific months or seasons, let’s back up a bit. Installing new countertops represents a major decor commitment, not to mention a serious financial investment. So, take some time on the front end to nail down your project scope, budget, timeline, and countertop material. Corian offers customizable colors, textures, and design options, so explore the possibilities. Bring in countertop samples to envision how Corian would look in your space. Weigh the pros and cons of Corian versus natural stone, wood, laminate, or other countertop materials.

Factor in Lead Times

Depending on your specific Corian product and color selection, your countertop fabricator may need 4-6 weeks – or longer! – to manufacture and deliver your custom Corian countertops after you place your order. Be sure to discuss lead times and production schedules up front to allow enough time. If you’re also replacing your cabinets, confirm that cabinet delivery won’t hold up the countertop fabrication and installation down the road.

Consider Contractor Availability

Good contractors and countertop installers book up quickly, especially during busy remodeling seasons. Once you choose your countertop material and finalize the design details with your fabricator, check installer availability to dodge potential scheduling conflicts. You don’t want to take delivery of your dream countertops only to wait weeks or months for installation!

Weather Impacts on Installation

Outdoor temperatures and humidity levels can affect the successful installation of Corian countertops. Your installer may specify ideal weather conditions for the adhesive and bonding agents used to attach countertops. Extreme heat, direct sunlight, and high humidity can cause expansion, bubbles, or bonding issues. Discuss weather factors with your contractor early in the planning process.

Avoid Holidays and Vacations

Speaking of prime remodeling season – you’ll likely want to avoid major holidays for your countertop installation. Most contractors’ schedules book up quickly around spring break, summer vacations, and Christmas holidays. Transportation and shipping delays also crop up around holidays, potentially impacting material deliveries. To avoid headaches, you can schedule installations for quieter times without overlapping vacations or holiday breaks.

Watch Out for Rainy Spells

In rainy regions, particularly during spring and summer storms, excessive moisture can hamper installation success. Adhesives and caulking may fail if exposed to heavy rain before fully cured and sealed. Watch weather forecasts closely as your installation date approaches. Be prepared to reschedule if intense rain storms or flooding occur. This will help avoid costly repairs or damages down the road.

Time Cabinets and Counters Strategically

For major kitchen overhauls involving both new cabinets and countertops, proper timing once again proves critical. You’ll usually want your cabinets in place before taking countertop measurements and placing orders. But don’t install cabinets too far in advance, or alterations in your design plans could require cabinet adjustments to accommodate new counters. Check with your contractor on ideal timing based on project scope.\

Consider Long-Term Maintenance Needs

Because Corian countertops are stain-, heat- and scratch-resistant, they can look pristine for years with minimal maintenance. However, all countertop materials require some periodic upkeep. Consider the long-term maintenance projected for Corian in relation to your lifestyle and design aesthetic. A busy family kitchen may need sturdier materials than an elegant master bath, for instance. Keep upfront and ongoing maintenance needs in mind.

Inspect Current Countertops Thoroughly

Here’s an easy step to check off early! As you plan your Corian countertop project, thoroughly inspect your existing countertops and base cabinets. Check for any repairs needed, like fixing water damage or leveling cabinets. Addressing underlying issues now prevents headaches after installing new countertops. Pay particular attention around the sink, behind appliances, and along seams. Take action to resolve any underlying problems ASAP.\

Research Your Fabricator

Not all countertop suppliers are created equal. Do some homework to find a reputable Corian fabricator with proven expertise. Check out reviews and ratings, ask for referrals from past clients, and verify they are authorized to fabricate and install Corian solid surfaces. Ask how long they’ve worked with Corian products and view examples of their work. Enlisting an experienced, qualified fabricator helps ensure you get durable, well-crafted countertops.

Create a Realistic Budget

Before even requesting Corian quotes, determine your overall project budget. Costs vary based on your kitchen or bath dimensions, chosen colors and edge profiles, and other custom design options. Keep in mind you may need to budget extra for demolition and disposal of old countertops, plumbing work, electrical upgrades, and installation charges. Research average costs per square foot for materials and labor. Build in a cushion for any surprise expenses or changes in plans.

Secure Proper Permits

Don’t overlook essential permits from your local building department! Major remodeling projects require permits, especially if you’re moving or upgrading electric systems and plumbing. Building codes may specify materials and installation methods as well. Applying for proper permits – and passing all inspections – ensures your new Corian countertops comply with local regulations. Don’t cut corners; file paperwork early so permits are secured prior to installation dates. You will not need permits just for countertops, but if there are more up

Prep the Installation Space

Once you’re approaching your actual installation date, shift gears to physical preparation. Clear everything off existing countertops and empty adjacent cabinets or drawers that may interfere with installation work. Remove existing backsplashes, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and even cabinets if relevant to your particular project. Prepping the entire workspace allows your contractor smooth access for accurate measurements, modifications, and countertop installation.

Allow Time for Countertop Curing

Even after installation, your countertops need a bit more time before you can put them to work. Corian requires 72 hours to cure properly after installation. That means no direct sunlight, no cooking, no leaning on it, or nothing! Just let your countertop sit undisturbed for three full days. Proper curing ensures your countertops reach maximum strength and hardness to perform well for years. Be patient; adhere to curing recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Planning a kitchen or bath update? As you explore your Corian countertop options, factor in these tips for ideal timing. Advance preparation and coordination with the pros ensure your installation goes smoothly. With some strategic scheduling around weather, contractors, and other logistics, you can soon enjoy a lifetime of lasting beauty and everyday luxury. The conclusion of this article is that Corian should be installed during a home makeover where changes are already being made to your space. One should bear in mind the weather and hire a trusted handyman. Corian countertops should be properly installed and maintained if they are to last longer while still being elegant.

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