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Granite Countertops Orlando

What Are the Pros of Granite Countertops Orlando?

The look and feel of granite countertops in Orlando have always been a top choice for homeowners. When choosing a countertop surface for your kitchen, you need to consider many factors. Considering granite for your kitchen? Read on to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.

The lines, colors, and patterns on each granite slab are unique. An exceptional countertop allows you to have something not available anywhere else. With a slab like this, you can add beauty to your kitchen while matching your cabinets and walls.

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Granite Countertops Pros

Value Adding

Not only do granite countertops look upscale, but they add lasting value to your home. Maintaining granite countertops to last a lifetime is easy with the right cleaning methods.


The natural state of granite also makes it a very attractive countertop material. When the stone is quarried, it requires minimal processing in the kitchen. On the other hand, engineered materials are manufactured complexly, involving toxic chemicals and hazardous emissions.


Granite is not indestructible, but due to its hardness and resistance to scratches, it will undoubtedly last for centuries. It is only a diamond of another granite piece that is hard enough to scratch granite.

Heat Resistance

Granite countertops are not susceptible to melting or blistering when exposed to heat. It is one of the most heat-resistant countertops on the market. The countertop surface can take hot pans right out of the oven.


It would help if you got a professional to fix your granite countertops. Cracks or chips in countertops are rare, but if you experience one, contact your fabricator to schedule a repair. It is most commonly possible to fill the void with a color-matched epoxy that is virtually invisible. Chips can be filled with super glue in a pinch. When placing heavy cast iron pans into an under-mounted sink, be careful not to damage them. Chips are most commonly found on the edges of these cutouts.

 Stain Resistant

Besides being heat-resistant, granite is also stain-resistant. A properly sealed granite countertop will not absorb liquids. A professional should seal your surface properly to maintain its attractive good looks for an extended period.


Porous materials, such as granite, do not necessarily represent a negative attribute. Leaving liquids on a surface for an extended period will likely result in their absorption. In addition to their ability to absorb, they can also evaporate. Different poultices can be applied depending on the substance to be removed to speed up the removal process. Fortunately, many evaporate on their own without cleaning products or chemicals. Granite countertops are usually sealed before they’re installed to keep liquids from soaking in.

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