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Pros and cons of seven common countertops

There are advantages and disadvantages to different countertops. Replacing kitchen countertops can transform any kitchen. There are many options and price changes. There are different tests done to check how well countertops resisted stains, heat damage, abrasion.

There are several that passed all the tests and here they are: Performance varied from one material to the next, but there was little difference among competing brands of each type, so be sure to shop around for the best deal on your countertop of choice.

1. Quartz

Cost. $2,000 – $5,600

Pros: It is a very low maintenance surface, but at the same time, no hot pots should be placed on the surface. It is a very easy surface to maintain, as it is pre-sealed.

Cons. Edges and corners can chip, and you’ll need to repair.

2. Granite

Cost. $2,000 – $5,600

Pros. Each slab of the natural material is very unique. There can be rare colors and veining. Usually those slabs are more expensive. Heat, cuts, and scratches do not damage or harm granite which is a great advantage. Polished and matte finishes resist most stains when properly sealed.

Cons. It is porous stone, so resealing periodically is very important to keep the staining out. Like quartz, edges and corners can chip and must be professionally repaired.

3. Soapstone, limestone, and marble

Cost. $2,500 – $5,600 (soapstone or limestone), $2,500 to $8,500 (marble)

Pros. Soapstone is not as common as granite. It is superb at resisting heat damage. Small scratches can be repaired by sanding. Limestone and marble are classic materials. Limestone has the look of a natural stone without heavy veining or graining and it resists heat.

Cons. Soapstone cuts and scratches easily. Some stains are too tough to be washed away. Limestone and marble also have those drawbacks, and heat damaged our marble.

Cons. It scratches and cuts very easily.

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