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How Much Quartz Countertops Cost?

How much quartz countertops cost? Quartz countertops are what most homeowners opt for at the moment. Mostly because of how timeless and elegant they are. Having a quartz countertop is guaranteed to add a touch of class to a room’s decor that other countertops can not. Further, these countertops offer many benefits, such as being […]

Is Quartz Better Than Granite?

Is quartz better than granite? Over the years in service, we at  have been asked the same old question countless times ~ Is Quartz better than Granite? Many homeowners just can not decide between the two, and we totally get it. Both countertops seem very similar, and if not for a trained set of eyes, […]

Installation and Fabrication Company for Countertops

Installation and fabrication company for countertops How do you choose the right contractor, fabricator, installer for granite or quartz countertops? Installation and fabrication by Stone Spirit Inc. Stone Spirit Inc. implements some of the best and latest technologies for installation and fabrication in the industry which allows the company to provide the best results. Since […]

Quartz Countertops & Granite Countertops

Quartz Countertops & Granite Countertops GET YOUR FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! Quartz Countertops & Granite Countertops – Dreaming of those gorgeous countertops? But don’t know which company to choose? Your home or business should reflect your lifestyle and taste. Quartz or granite countertops can express artistic elegance. If you are thinking about remodeling your home or […]

Difference Between Quartzite Quartz and Granite

Difference between quartzite quartz and granite A lot of people get confused between quartzite quartz and granite, thinking some of them are the same, but it is not true. So what is the difference between quartzite quartz and granite? Quartzite Quartzite is a metamorphic and hard rock that has been formed from sandstone. Sandstone is […]

5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel Kitchen is the center of many family lives. This is where friends and family gather together, share precious moments, create new memories, food is made, new recipes are created. So it is not surprising that a lot of people want to create the kitchen of their dreams. […]

How to Select Colors for Kitchen

How to select colors for kitchen Kitchen decor should definitely be coordinated with the adjacent area, or at least have a nice flow from one style to another. A lot of people are not sure how to select colors for kitchen. What should be done to select the right colors for kitchen? Coordination of a […]

Marble Orlando, Marble countertops

Marble Countertops in Orlando

Marble Countertops in Orlando Marble Countertop Installation in Orlando Marble Countertop Installation in Orlando If you are looking for marble countertops? Stone Spirit Inc will provide you the best prices on quality countertops just because we have a direct marble countertop company in your area. We will always help you with all your kitchen and […]