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Silestone Colors

There are many silestone colors – this material offers many options. Silestone brings a certain level of elegance to all homes, with surfaces which are almost maintenance free.
There are many advantages to installing silestone countertops.

Endless Beauty: Silestone has an infinite beauty.

Silestone is made up of about 93% quartz. They mix the best sets of quartz particles by way of a high-tech heating and compression process. This produces an attractive and durable material.

Silestone Countertops

Color and Depth: Silestone which was first used some 20 years ago with a total of 12 colors, has now evolved its range of colors time and again giving rise to about 90 different colors. Every color is carefully formulated and designed in a way which is pleasing to the eye and at the same time matching the most popular trends in style and fashion.

Stain Resistant: Silestone is non-porous thereby making it stain resistant. Common stains which are permanent such as juice, wine, ink or markers can easily be wiped clean using soap and water.

Heat Resistant: Silestone is capable of withstanding high temperatures for brief periods. This material is perfect for those who are often in the habit of placing hot pans on countertops in the kitchen.

Scratch Resistant: Things such as keys, toys, knives or sharp items which usually damage common countertops wouldn’t have any effects on Silestone because it is very scratch resistant.

Flexibility: Silestone is the best choice no matter your design preferences. It has a wide variety of finishes, textures, and colors and it complements all other equipment in your homes such as metal, tile, and wood

Silestone’s flexibility gives you the opportunity to build a home which suits your style. Having taken a look at all these benefits, it is right to say that Silestone quartz countertops are the best countertops which you can get for your household to give it that outstanding look which you desire. So if you are in search of new countertops, you should choose the Silestone quartz countertop and you can hire our company to fabricate and install it for you. Learn more about silestone.

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