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New Quartz Countertops Colors 2021

New Quartz Countertops Colors

How To Select Your New Quartz Countertops Colors for The Year 2022
Meta Description: Selecting a countertops color for a new kitchen or just revamping the existing one? Here is our list to select your new Quartz Countertops Color of 2022.
The foundation of your design aesthetic and the focal point of your kitchen is surely its countertop.

To set the right atmosphere for the space, it’s essential to select the right countertop options.

We are here to tell you about quartz countertops, which are surely the frontrunner in our eyes with their control of appearance, durability, ease of maintenance, and affordability.

Selecting New Quartz Countertop Colors

You first need to decide on the perfect color palette that matches your desired aesthetic from the available options. To make you select the best suitable options, we have gathered a list of New Quartz countertops for the year 2022 to learn the design details.

1. Arctic White

For a beautiful and bright overview of your kitchen, your countertop’s pure arctic white color will perfectly blend in with natural colors like black or wood. As several cabinet colors go with white countertops, you can have a versatile look in your kitchen.

2. Babylon Grey

An ideal quartz countertop color for the kitchen design is grey in a darker shade, as many people prefer light colors on their cabinets. To add a color effect to your kitchen, you can obtain soft mild patterning on it as well.

3. Calcatta Classique

The Calcatta Classique is an absolute match for you if you prefer a marble countertop with quartz technology. You can pair this perfect countertop with numerous colors as it has dark and light shades to add contrast.

4. Calcatta Laza

Often paired with natural wood cabinet colors, the Calcatta Laza, with its warm shades and marble look, might be what you’re looking for. With this exemplary countertop color, you can enjoy the smoothness of warm brown with the brightness of white.

5. Carrara Marmi

If you’re looking for a subtle marble look with minute veins, then this white quartz countertop is one of the best options for you. The pattern of this countertop is an absolute match with dark cabinet colors like black, gray, or brown.

6. Fossil Gray

Fossil gray provides a natural look of a stone along with significant quality. It pairs quite well with light-colored cabinetry to give a realistic, visually appealing outlook.
There is a wide variety of countertop colors available that match your preferred design aesthetic. So whatever color you choose, you will always be satisfied with your quartz countertops.

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