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Kitchen islands and peninsulas have been more and more common option for kitchen designs.

They come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes, and sometimes it might be difficult to know what will work best for certain kitchen. Sometimes peninsulas with L-shape extension is the best option or an island which is just freestanding by itself. Freestanding island can provide extra workspace, separate living room from kitchen, separate cooking and eating areas, or just serve as the space for eating. Kitchen islands and peninsulas sometimes also help to keep the guests away from the cooking area and keep them out of the way.

Sometimes there are multiple levels to kitchen islands which can provide the top level as a perfect space for snacking, and the lower level is great for food preparation. An island in the middle of the kitchen is a great option. This type of kitchen countertops will provide a lot of extra space and storage space. It is also a great way to draw people together for breakfast, or any other snack or meal or simply for conversation. Kitchen islands and peninsulas can be multi level.
If they are carefully designed with different levels for specific activities, this can be a perfect layout. The most comfortable lower level is 30 inches. It is just right height for rolling dough. The optimal level for mid level kitchen countertop would be 36 inches high for every day food preparation. And ideal top level is 42 inches high. That is great for butcher block cutting board. There are many options when it comes to kitchen islands and peninsulas. But it’s important to look at different possibilities and pick what’s best for that specific kitchen. It is also important to pick the layout that fits best the lifestyle.
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