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Kitchen countertops and appliances

Locating and placing kitchen countertops and appliances is extremely important in the kitchen. It is going to affect their work and flow functioning in the kitchen.

Here are some ideas and possibilities of how to position kitchen countertops and appliances in the most efficient way

Kitchen countertops and appliances against the wall is usually a much better position for efficient venting by both hoot and draft system. When kitchen counter tops and appliances are against the wall, it also gives an option to create a nice and artful backsplash. A lot of times, it also gives a lot of space for food preparation and kitchen countertop space. Usually it is a very common way, as it gives a lot of flexibility.

If the preference is an island cook-top, it might be best to consider an 8 inch to 10 inch in the countertop height to provide a bit of wall to send smoke and steam to a vent. If the appliances are built-ins, it might be a good idea to consider stacking a convection oven, microwave, and warming oven all in one wall to consolidate the heat. Another option for cook-top and oven instead of being stacked, they can be clustered in a cooking workspace. New contemporary kitchens have been implementing the separate cook top and wall ovens. 

Wall ovens instead of a range allow ovens to be positioned at a much more comfortable height, and it also gives more kitchen countertops space. Positioning the range at the right place helps to direct the heat, moisture, increased from the cook-top and oven to a range food. This type of layout makes efficient venting. So there are many ways to position and layout kitchen countertops and appliances, and choosing the right layout will help to make the kitchen much more efficient.

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