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The trends for kitchen countertops styles are always changing. But what really counts is what style fits you best. It is best to design the kitchen that makes you and your family comfortable and fits the style of life you have.

There are many different kitchen countertops styles.

The choices should reflect the personal taste. Consider what matches your lifestyle

  • Do you like serenity?
  • Is there a lot of cooking involved?
  • How much time is spent in the kitchen?
  • Is the food mostly ordered in?
  • Does the style of life demand fast pace?
For a warmer style it might be best to pick earthy tones of granite countertops. But if the preference is easy to maintain countertops, then quartz might be a better option, as it is a non-porous stone and requires very little maintenance. Sometimes it is also a great idea to combine and mix different styles for various parts of the kitchen.
The most important part is to understand and follow the style, it should make sense where the components are going to be, coordinate the colors, take the materials that the best match your criteria. Lighting also plays an important role. If the kitchen is too small and there’s not enough light, it might be best to go with lighter colors for kitchen countertops, as it will brighten up the area.

Architectural books and photos with different ideas might be a great start and give the source of inspiration.

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