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Orlando Granite Countertops maintain

Orlando Granite Countertop Maintenance


Properly maintaining granite countertops will prolong countertops’ beauty and durability. It is always best to keep it in good condition, clean, sealed, and avoid mistakes. Cutting granite into specific designs, properly connecting seams, and sealing is only work for a highly trained professional.

Daily Cleaning Tips

  • Gentle Cloth: Clean granite surfaces using a soft, moist cloth. Scratch-free microfiber or cotton cloths are best.
  • Use a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water for light cleaning. This product removes dirt and spills without damaging stone.
  • Abrasive or acidic cleansers like vinegar, lemon juice, and ammonia should be avoided. These dull and degrade sealants over time.
  • Blot spills: Using a paper towel or soft cloth, immediately blot spills, especially acidic ones like tomato sauce or wine.
  • Rinse well and dry with a separate towel to avoid wet marks.
  • Avoid Stains: Never let liquids stand on stone. Use coasters for glasses and plates and clean sink water quickly.

Granite Countertop Sealing

Granite Countertop Sealing

Granite countertops must be sealed to retain their beauty and performance of granite. Granite countertops are often pre-sealed, but Orlando’s environment makes it vital to check the sealant’s effectiveness:

  • Frequency: Granite type and application determine sealing frequency. Some granite countertops need resealing every one to three years, while others may wait longer.
  • Water testing may determine whether your granite requires resealing. Drop some water on the surface. The sealant works if it beads up and doesn’t absorb within minutes. Reseal if water absorbs.
  • High-quality granite sealant should be used while resealing. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply glue evenly. Dry it thoroughly before using the countertops.
  • Professional Help: If you need clarification on sealing or want it done well, use an Orlando granite countertop installation or maintenance service.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Avoid Hard Impact: Granite is firm but not indestructible. Avoid dumping heavy things on counters to prevent chipping and cracks.
  • Granite is scratch-resistant; however, using cutting boards while cooking protects cutlery and the surface.
  • Heat Protection: Use trivets or hot pads beneath hot cookware to avoid thermal shock and fractures, even when it’s heat resistant.
  • Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid discoloration. Red wine and oil may permeate the surface if unchecked.
  • Check for dullness, stains, and sealant damage on your granite countertops. Fix problems immediately to prevent long-term harm.
  • Professional Maintenance: Hire an Orlando granite maintenance service for extensive cleaning, resealing, and repairs to keep your counters in great shape.

Considerations for Orlando Granite Countertop Cost
Cost- affecting factors
Orlando granite countertops cost a lot, depending on numerous criteria.

Understand these criteria to make an educated choice

  • The kind of granite you pick affects the quality and pricing. Rare and exotic granites cost more than white or gray granite.
  • Granite Thickness: 2cm and 3cm slabs cost extra. Both aesthetics and durability depend on countertop thickness.
  • Granite color and pattern affect pricing. Regular and uniform ways are cheaper than spectacular veining and distinctive motifs.
  • The complexity of edge profiles affects cost. Standard edges are cheaper than ornamental edge profiles.
  • Size and Layout: Kitchen and bathroom layout and countertop square footage affect cost. Large surface areas and irregular forms demand more material and work.
  • Supplier and Installation: Supplier and installation costs might vary. Quality vendors may price more, but their knowledge may ensure a more accurate and lasting installation.
  • Granite countertop sealing and maintenance are not part of the original cost but are vital in the long run.

Affordable Granite

There are affordable granite countertops in Orlando if you want the beauty and durability of granite.

  • Standard hues: White and gray granite are cheaper than unusual or uncommon hues.
  • Thinner Slabs: 2cm granite slabs are cheaper but still provide granite advantages.
  • Selecting more common and easy-to-cut edge profiles like eased or half bullnose might save money.
  • Working with local suppliers and fabricators may decrease shipping expenses and provide better pricing.
  • Remnants: Use granite scraps from more significant projects for smaller pieces. These leftovers are frequently discounted.

Investable and Easy to Maintain Granite Options

While there are methods to economize on granite countertops, specific options provide long-term value and satisfaction:

  • Quality Granite: Choose durable, stain-resistant granite. This is an investment that will see your countertops survive for long.
  • Slabs: Go for 3cm as far as strength and endurance are concerned; thicker granites tend to break apart and crumble more often.
  • Customized edge profiles are a style that can add some elegant twists for homeowners with artistic preferences in their kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Professional Installation: Although these installations might be more expensive, ensure proper fitting of your granite worktops.
  • Regular Maintenance: This includes sealing, cleaning, and planning for longer-lived countertops.


Following these cleaning and maintaining techniques will ensure your Orlando granite countertops always look best. The investment in maintenance, daily cleanings, sealings, and check-ups will ensure the longevity of granite. The versatility and charm of Orlando granite countertops make them timeless. Granite counters enhance house beauty and durability.
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