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1. Price of Granite

There are different levels of granite countertop. The price of granite depends on the rarity of the color and pattern, availability of that stone. Some found in nature more than others. The location of quarries also plays an important part. There are quarries all over the world and it makes it possible to satisfy almost any taste and preference in color, but it might be harder to find certain colors and patterns, and of course, there is transportation cost involved. There is also the labor involved required to extract the stones. So it all affects the price of the granite. So a higher price doesn’t always mean a higher quality of granite.

2. Maintenance

Since granite is a natural stone, it does have some porosity. All of our granite Orlando countertops are sealed prior to installation. Stains are extremely rare. Stains usually occur when a liquid, such as wine, olive oil, or juice, is spilled onto the counter and the spill is not addressed for several hours. The longer the liquid sits on the surface of the counter, the higher the likelihood a stain could occur. Some sealants are 1-year sealants, others are 15-year sealants! The cheaper bottles will seal your counters for a shorter amount of time. Our granite Orlando countertops are sealed in production; you will not have to seal your new counters until 1-year after installation, and we also offer an option for a 15-year sealer.

3. Radon Gas

There were reports generated stating that granite emitted radon gas. In actuality, the origin of the report was created by the manufacturer of a man-made countertop product as a tactic to drive consumers to their product. Granite is a natural stone, which emits extremely low gas fumes and does not cause any harmful diseases.

There are many independent studies done and can be found about radon gas. If you have any questions about the granite countertop or how to maintain it (Granite Orlando), please do not hesitate to contact Stone Spirit Inc., the leading provider of granite, quartz, and marble in Orlando, Central Florida. It is all one service company – provider, fabricator, and installer. Stone Spirit has a wide variety of granite, quartz, and marble. Please, feel free to schedule an appointment or come to our showroom to view Granite, Quartz, Marble.

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