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What is LG Viatera?

LG Viatera is the material mainly made of natural quartz. LG Viatera produces durable countertops, combining the benefits of natural quartz and technologically advanced polymers. This material is almost impossible to scratch or chip. It is also heat-resistant and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. LG Viatera surfacing materials look like natural stone products.

Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral on earth. Gemstones such as diamond, topaz and sapphire are harder than quartz. It is an impervious crystalline material with virtually zero absorption, making LG Viatera surfaces non-porous and extremely stain resistant, this eliminates the need for sealants.

LG Viatera offers multiple counter edge treatments: from simple square and rounded cuts to more complex multi-toned and multi-tiered edging. Learn more about LG viatera

How many quartz colors are there?

Slight color variations and particulate concentrations may cause minor color disparities during the manufacturing process. However, this only adds to the authentic look of LG Viatera surfaces.

Color selection used to be limited only to about 12 colors, but nowadays, LG Viatera extended color selection to many more. All inspired by the raw beauty of the earth and named after different stunning regions throughout the world. The colors vary from soft and serene to passionate and intense, providing a look that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing methods or techniques. Stone Spirit is one of the top distributors for LG Viatera countertops

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