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Countertop variations in thickness - granite slabs

Manufacturers of quartz get mined crystals of natural quartz. They grind the crystals into dust. Then they fuse the dust with resins under high temperature and pressure to make solid slabs. During the process, they add pigment also to provide color to the countertop. Low-maintenance is a great advantage of quartz countertops. When you use wood or natural stone for the countertop, you must seal them. But, the quartz countertop doesn’t need sealing. You can keep the quartz countertop clean and shiny just by wiping the surface with a soap solution. You can remove stains on your quartz countertop using a cleansing scrub. House owners should avoid harsh chemicals to cleanse quartz countertops. Chemicals may rupture the bonds between quartz and resins. View more design ideas.

While choosing the right slab, it’s important to know how many square feet you need and what thickness of stone to buy.

On average, granite slab size is 9-10 feet wide and 5-6 feet tall. So a typical slab would cover 50-55 square feet.

3cm is recommended because its structural integrity is superior and is more appealing to the eye. Sometimes, 2 cm slabs are used together to create a 4cm thickness.

As a rule, people gravitate towards 3cm because it is noticeably thicker, plus depending on what edge profile you choose, it can give a thicker or thinner look.

The weight of a slab varies in relation to the countertop thickness. The weight of a granite slab is in general 12-13 lbs per sq.ft in a 2 cm thickness and 18-19 lbs per sqft in a 3 cm thickness. For example, an 8-foot countertop slab that is 3 cm thick will weigh somewhere between 144-152 lbs.

Solid surface countertop material normally comes in three different standard thicknesses: ¼”, ½”, or ¾”. Soapstone is usually 1-1/4” thick, marble is usually 1-3/4” to 2”, concrete material is generally 1-1/2” to 2”, and engineered stone usually comes in 1-1/4” thickness.

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