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how to clean granite countertops
Cleaning granite and taking care of the countertops is extremely important and when taken care of properly, it will bring out the shine and beauty of it.

Here are some tips on cleaning granite

Granite is a natural stone and needs proper maintenance and care. First of all, make sure the company you are buying granite from, seals it properly. Different companies offer different sealers. For example, some have 6 month sealer, Stone Spirit Inc. offers 1 year or 15 year sealer, which is definitely worth to have a peace of mind and not to worry about staining. Once it’s sealed, it just needs proper maintenance.

Spills should be wiped up immediately. Use paper towel to blot the spill. If the countertop stains, a poultice may need to be applied. If there is dried paint, glue, dried food, remove as much as possible first, and then continue with cleaning. Make sure to use soft cloth with no colorants in it to prevent scratching. It’s always best to use cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning natural stone. For example, Stone Spirit Inc. offers 3-in-1 Stone Countertop Cleaner/Polisher/Protector.

Not only it cleans the stone, but it also protects it, restores and brings out the beauty of natural stone.But for occasional times, a neutral cleaner can be used, for example: Windex, Lysol Disinfectant and 409 can be used, but may leave a film. A solution of vinegar and water works great to remove smudges, stains and oil. Use a pencil eraser to remove aluminum trails.

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