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Calacatta quartz countertop

Calacatta Quartz Countertop – Home is the place where a person finds his true peace of mind. A sense of satisfaction fills the heart when you enter your home and see everything in place and glowing with beauty. Not only does home interior design include the couch in your living room and wall art of your bedroom; but it also deals with how well you design your kitchen and bathroom.

Countertop Variety

It is obvious that your kitchen will contain many cabinets to place all the utensils and groceries. As per your bathroom goes, cupboards to keep your toiletries should be made. Now when you are giving your heart and hard work into redecoration, do not leave out these places. The countertop is a lovely option to cover your cupboard tops. Nowadays, there are a variety of countertops available in the markets which will add striking beauty to your furniture.

One of the very popular materials which are used to make countertops is Calacatta. These are similar to granite but with a more striking look.


They are white in color with silver veins running through it. Additionally, Calacatta quartz is a durable countertop that does not get affected by stains or scratches and hence, is easy to maintain. Hence, they are very similar to marble but have the added advantage of not being so brittle like it.
Calacatta quartz comes in beautiful whites with minute veining through it. If fitted as countertops on your kitchen, it brings a luxurious tidy look to your interiors.


Seeing the beauty as and when you move around your house will give you a pleasant feel. Simply imagine a piece of furniture you got made with special brown teak wood for your kitchen.

Furthermore, if you place the gorgeous white countertop on its surface, the contrast between the white and the lovely brown will bring a ravishing look altogether! View more images here.

With Calacatta quartz countertop your kitchen or bathroom you will:

  • have a more luxurious look.
  • create a new look and a modern layout.
  • enjoy it for many years ahead — Calacatta is a very durable material

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