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When it comes to kitchen designs, there are many different ideas and options. It is important to think through not only appealing look, but also functionality.

There are many innovative and workable solutions that can help create great kitchen designs.

Open space kitchens are very popular but at the same time, sometimes it is a great idea to divide the kitchen as it will define the zone of activity. For example a lot of people like separate their eating space from the work space. The division or separation creates not only a practical purpose, but also an opportunity to include an interesting architectural and decorative style.

Islands or peninsulas can be very common dividing part between dining areas. It is quite common to include architectural details to create a visual division in kitchen designs. Also using different colors and different areas of the kitchen can define zones. An arch creates an effective division between the rooms. Countertop peninsula is also an excellent way to separate the areas. By choosing a beautiful stone, either granite, courts, or marble, it will create a beautiful look and attract the eye and created the separation of the areas

Another way to separate the area with the countertop, is to put an island either of the same granite, quartz or marble stone or pick a different color top that will create the separation. This kind of design helps to define the cooking area and living room space, but at the same time, give a sense of openness.

Smart designs can work wonders in small areas. The best way for small kitchens is to create a countertop peninsula that will provide efficient uninterrupted space, but at the same time gives the division. Another beautiful design to create the separation in the kitchen, is to cut out a curving countertop. It creates a dynamic division between the cooking and living areas. As we can see, smart kitchen designs ideas, and implementing some creative countertop designs can create an open look and beautiful design in the kitchen.

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