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New Trends in Modern Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

The beautiful, sleek, modern, and sophisticated contemporary designed kitchens have changed the way people organize their kitchens. They have added an aesthetic look to the kitchen. One latest component of these modern kitchen cabinets is the countertops, which are available in different materials. Countertops are one of the essential parts of the kitchen, as this is the place where all the action takes place. A perfect countertop is necessary to set the overall look and feel of the space. The latest trends in countertops mostly focus on its color, design, and material. Some of the trendiest Modern Kitchen Countertops in Orlando are:

Quartz Countertops

An alternative to conventional-looking granite countertop is the quartz countertop, which gives a non-porous and finely polished look to the countertop. Quartz has been labeled as the most hygienic countertops, as its non-porous structure makes it resistant to bacteria attack. Hence it does not need regular re-sealing. It is a low maintenance material as it is strong and durable.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a natural stone, offering you a large variety of patterns. Good-quality marble is found in Carrara and Italy. Marble requires great care, as it is highly reactive to acids. A spill of lemon juice and vinegar can leave a white spot on the marble. But still, marble has a great fanbase, with its veining patterns and the option to transform its look. One of the most popular finishes for marble is polished to give it a glossy look.

Countertops Patterns

The choice of homeowners is now shifting more towards patterned and veined countertops than plain white ones. The creation of veins in swirled patterns and other geometrical patterns is a common site in newly furbished homes. Most of the pattern is made, keeping in mind the aesthetics of home like flooring, wall color, and texture, furniture, etc.

Integrated Sinks

Nowadays, it is seen in Orlando that the public is preferring countertops integrated with sinks. Sinks in matte black color, gold, and brass color are becoming a top choice of homeowners. Many homeowners are customizing the size of the countertops to get the sinks integrated and still have more space left for other activities. View fresh and modern countertop ideas.

A countertop is an essential part of the kitchen décor. Its look is as important as other components as it speaks of the overall thee of the kitchen. Different people have different preferences over the stone to be used in countertops, but choosing the one that complements your house is equally important. To get Kitchen Countertops Trends in Orlando, call Stone Spirit today!

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