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2020 Kitchen Countertop

Countertops are one of the first elements of the kitchen that people pay attention to. They are a very important part of the kitchen where most of the tasks are performed. Countertops are also fundamental parts of the kitchen when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. Countertops have the burden and the responsibility to set the tone and feel of the entire kitchen. Considering the importance of the countertops, you must be careful in choosing their design, style, and finish. Following we have combined some of the top 2020 trends for kitchen countertops, which will prove to be useful for you

Quarts - Trending in 2020

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Quarts are considered as one of the most excellent material for the kitchen countertop in 2020. Quarts replaced the granite, which was porous. Granite had to be sealed with a non-porous sealant, which wore off over time. So, quartz fitted the homeowners as it was a non-porous material. Homeowners no more worry about staining of the countertops or growth of the bacteria in it. So, quarts had to stay in 2020 as well.

Leathered Finished Countertops

The leathered finish has become famous in recent years, which has a brightened and soft sheen. The leathered finish gives a softer, shinier, and more natural finish to the stone than a honed finish. A leathered finish is also more preferable than honed finished because it hides the fingertips and water sports most remarkably on the countertops.

Veining and Patterns in Countertops

In 2020, you will witness more natural and realistic veining and patterns on the countertops. The countertop consists of the swirling patterns and interesting veins, which look sophisticated and amazing. Mand made materials like quartz are being designed to resemble natural stones, having veins, and patterns.

Neutral Color Tones for Kitchen Countertops in 2020

In 2020, soft neutral tones are gaining the preference of most of the homeowners. The brighter hues and shinier colors are being replaced by the neutral color tones and trends. Instead of dark red and blue, you will witness soft grey, beige tones, and white on the kitchen countertops in 2020.

Going with Eco-Friendly Material

Most of the homeowners choose eco-friendly material for their countertops. Sustainable kitchen countertops would be the top priority in 2020 as well. You can choose a material that is 75% recycled. It makes you feel better as well as reduces your carbon footprint.
Quarts stained with leathered finished and neutral color tones having veins and patterns are the trends of kitchen countertops in 2020.

Stone Spirit News

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