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Quartz – Granite countertops Orlando FL

Stone Spirit – Fabrication and Installation of Quartz – Granite countertops Orlando FL

Stone Spirit is the provider and fabricator of granite, quartz, marble and many other countertops.

We specialize in all types of natural stone, quartz products such as Caesarstone, Cambria, DuPont Zodiaq, LG Viatera, Silestone, and also work with solid surfaces – Avonite, Corian, LG Hi-macs, Wilsonart, etc. Stone Spirit has been producing high quality work and have been thriving in the local business community, existing locally for many years and continue to develop and grow, using all of the very latest technology to improve upon our quality of work.

Stone Spirit stands behind its work and provides supreme quality. Our company success is proven by many years of experience and financial stability.


  • The most advanced computer based fabrication processes
  • CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for stone processing
  • Laser templating
  • WaterJet machine
  • 100% Digital data processing
What does it mean to you as a customer and why is it so important to choose a company that has this technological process?

Without this type of technology, the work has to be done manually, which means slow and meticulous manual fabrication, with critical attention to detail. What most companies do to save time is to use dry-fabrication; not using water leads to a low quality finish, dull appearance, bumpy and uneven surfaces. By implementing the following types of technology, Stone Spirit Inc. is able to minimize human error, while simultaneously providing a significantly better product in a shorter time. All while ensuring better accuracy, attention to detail, design aesthetics and a fair price.


You get to choose the stone of your dreams! You do so because of its beauty and durability and, because you love it! What follows next is the extremely important step of selecting the right contractor, fabricator, and installer that will do the work the right way from the very start and will stand behind their work. This is another reason why Stone Spirit stands out from other companies.


We work with residential homeowners and have completed work in homes from one-bedroom condominiums to large estates.


Our commercial projects including banks, hotels and restaurants. Our company works with some of the biggest home improvement companies in the USA.


Stone Spirit has a wide selection of various types of different stone. Our clients choose the stone of their dreams themselves – looking at any piece. With the skill and expertise and professionalism of our staff, we will make sure we can help you choose exactly the one you are looking for, to create your dream space in your own home.

We specialize in all types of natural stone and quartz products. Stone Spirit has a long list of references from both residential and commercial customers, and will be happy to share these with you.

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