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Trendiest Colors For Granite Orlando Palette: 

With Orlando gaining fame for its exceptional countertop choices, some trends are inclined toward granite countertops. These countertops from natural stone, available in Orlando, make kitchen countertops look sleek and modern. Out of all stone countertops, granite, marble, and quartz countertops lead the popularity charts.

Recent stats suggest that around 34% of countertops sold annually in Orlando, FL are granite countertops. These countertops, especially in shades popular in Orlando, are a hot pick for many homeowners. When it comes to your kitchen countertop, the decision isn’t just between granite or quartz. It’s also about picking out the right shade from a palette that best suits your kitchen’s vibe. The right color, be it granite, quartz, or marble countertops, can make all the difference. The upcoming sections will guide you through choosing the perfect countertop color for your kitchen in Orlando, FL.

A Guide to New Granite Countertops in Orlando, FL

Orlando, a vibrant city in the heart of Florida, has seen a surge in homeowners opting for granite countertops instead of marble and quartzite countertops. These natural stone countertops are making waves in residential and commercial properties thanks to their unique blend of durability and elegance. Our showroom has experienced a 20% year-on-year increase in granite slab sales as many homeowners and commercial property owners choose this material for their kitchen and bathroom remodels. At Stones Spirit Inc., we pride ourselves on being premier fabricators and installers of granite countertops. As a homeowner, you might wonder, “What’s the appeal?”. Granite offers a diverse range of colors, each with its unique charm. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops, they add an element of luxury that is hard to match. Time to remodel? Contact us today. The crew at Stones Spirit Inc. will guide you through this journey.

Anyone can jazz up the home with natural stone countertops from Stones Spirit Inc., which will give it a fresh, modern look. A visit to our showroom will reveal various color options for your bathroom countertops or kitchen. Most homeowners choose granite for their remodel. Granite is favored because of its durability and unique, natural aesthetics. Each granite slab is a work of art formed by nature, with everyone having a unique pattern and coloration. Whether you are a homeowner starting a remodel, an installer looking for the highest quality slabs, or a fabricator seeking out unique pieces, you will find what you need in our showroom. 

The Most Popular Colors for Granite Countertops in Orlando 

In the heart of Central Florida, you will find a treasure in Orlando – a city where granite countertops have become a fashionable choice for homeowners. You’ve probably seen them – your neighbors might even have one. These countertops are not ordinary; they are Orlando granite and boast high quality. As an engineer working in this field, I’ve seen how popular they’ve become. What’s the secret behind their popularity? It lies in the variety of colors they come in. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of granite. You can get these extended countertops in Orlando, FL, in shades of pearl, jet, and even earth hues. They can transform your kitchen into a work of art! Granite over quartz countertops in Orlando have become common thanks to their durability and aesthetic appeal. 

These countertops promise customer satisfaction in terms of their visual appeal and longevity. Granite is a very affordable option. With a free estimate, you can start your journey towards upgrading to amazing countertops in Orlando. So, when it comes to granite countertops in Orlando, the choices of colors are stunning, the quality is unmatched, and the cost is affordable. Isn’t that a combination you’d want in your dream kitchen? Let’s now discuss the popular colors for granite countertops: 

Top Granite Colors

Absolute Black

In Orlando and Central Florida, many homeowners favor granite for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. There’s a reason behind this preference. Granite and quartz countertops, especially in absolute black color, are a sight to behold in any kitchen or bathroom. They bring a sense of sophistication, elegance, and durability that few other materials can match. Many of our homeowners favor the absolute black color as it lends an air of mystery and modernity. It complements any color scheme, adding depth and character to the kitchen design. So, consider absolute black granite when you think about updating your countertops. 

New Venetian Gold

New Venetian Gold is the color in particular that has captured hearts in Orlando. This color adds an enchanting charm and beauty to any kitchen. Our company, Stones Spirit Inc., takes pride in providing a wide selection of top-tier products. Why not give us a call? Our experts can guide you through the process, making your remodel in Orlando a breeze. With our help, you can transform your kitchen into the heart of your home. It’s time you owned a slice of the finest countertops in Orlando and central Florida. Don’t hesitate. Your New Venetian Gold granite countertops in Orlando await you.

Gray Tones 

Gray tones color countertops have been a popular choice in Orlando for some time! They’re a top pick for people looking for countertops in Orlando. Walk into our showroom in Orlando, and you’ll see why. Granite countertops with gray tones are captivating. They offer a timeless beauty that’s hard to find in other countertop options. Those engineered from granite have been a hot choice among stone countertops, beating even marble. You might ask, why choose granite over a marble countertop? Practicality is the answer. A new kitchen needs a durable, long-lasting countertop. Granite fits that bill! Plus, those gray tones are versatile. They can blend with different kitchen styles, making your space look chic and modern. If you’ve been looking for marble, give granite a look. You might change your mind! And if you’re worried about the cost, don’t be. Stones Spirit Inc. offers competitive pricing so you can have that dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Not just for kitchens, granite is also great for vanity countertops. So go ahead and deck your home with the timeless beauty of gray-toned granite countertops. We also have other stone countertops and engineered stone selections for you in this color.

Uba Tuba

Uba Tuba, a high-demand hue, sets the standard for granite countertops in the bustling city of Orlando. A treasure among stones, Uba Tuba, brings a distinctive allure that homeowners seek for their bathroom countertops. Its appeal lies in its unique color, offering an exotic charm that outshines the conventional white onyx. You see, countertops made of this exclusive stone perfectly blend aesthetics and functionality, offering a sight for sore eyes and lasting durability. When you visit our showroom, the spectrum of granite materials will leave you in awe because these countertops are the perfect choice for people these days. Our vast collection ranges from the highest quality material to rare, exquisite stones. The natural beauty of quartz and granite stands out, each slab uniquely adorned by nature’s paintbrush. Now, if you want to make a bold statement, our new granite and natural quartz collections might be the ticket. These beauties are not just unique exotic stone selections; they are works of art, each with its own exotic appeal that is sure to impress. Upon request, we have installed countertops that have satisfied and exceeded our client’s expectations. Our Uba Tuba color selection is a testament to this. So, next time you get a stone countertop, remember that Uba Tuba is not just a color. But it is a lifestyle choice for bathroom countertops in Orlando.

Bold Blues and Greens 

Bold blues and greens sweep across Orlando, staking their claim as stunning favorites among granite countertop colors. Step into any countertop showroom, and you’ll spot these vivid hues gracing bathroom vanities along with kitchen slabs, injecting life into kitchen or bathroom remodels and adding a touch of luxury to commercial projects. Among the many countertop companies in Orlando, those in Maitland stand out, boasting decades of experience and a wide selection of colors that are nothing short of impressive. Fancy a first-hand look at these stain-resistant wonders? It’s a breeze! Swing by a showroom to see these beauties in all their glory. Remember, an estimate of the cost won’t cost you a dime. So, don’t dally – reach out for a free quote today!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Granite Countertop Color 

Choosing a granite countertop color can seem daunting, but with some guidance, you can make it more manageable. It’s important to keep in mind that granite is a natural material with variations in colors and patterns, making each slab unique. Rely on Stones Spirit, a company with decades of experience in commercial projects and quality workmanship, to assist you in the process. 

Here, we have discussed some tips that can help in your decision process:

  • Keep your cabinetry in mind: The countertop and cabinets should complement each other. Choose a granite color that picks up the color of the cabinets.
  •  Always view the granite slab: Small samples might not show the full pattern or color variation. Always check the entire slab before making a decision.
  • Your kitchen’s size: For smaller kitchens, going light might open up the space. Larger kitchens could handle darker tones without feeling boxed in.
  • Cabinet color: Sync up your granite countertop color with your cabinetry. A stark color contrast might not be easy on the eyes.
  •  Your design style: Are you a fan of modern looks or traditional charm? Reflect your style in your choice of granite color.
  • Maintenance: Lighter colors might show stains more easily. If you’re a foodie who loves whipping up meals, a darker shade might save you cleaning heartache.


With a palette of colors that dazzle the eye, new granite countertops bring magic into your kitchen. From hues of pearl sparkle in the moon’s glow, we’ve seen an evolution in the world of Orlando granite countertops. Each stone bears a color, a charm that lifts your kitchen from commonplace to a realm of elegance. Every shade tells a story, a saga of nature’s grandeur etched into the stone. So step into the future with us, leave behind the old, and embrace the new. With these treasured stones in your kitchen, every day will feel like a feast, every meal an event deserving of a grand celebration. Color your world with the trendiest Orlando granite countertops and live a vibrancy, sophistication, and joy-filled life.

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