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Marble Orlando

Marble Orlando

Marble is porous metamorphic stone.

  • Classic and elegant
  • Great for bathrooms, fireplaces, furniture tops
  • Looks great polished or honed

It is not as hard as granite, as it comes from deeper in the earth.. It is exposed to more heat, so it is not as soft as soapstone. It usually has a low abrasion rating, which means it scratches quite easily. But at the same time, marble is heat resistant, strong, and generally doesn’t chip or dent.

Marble is available in a wide variety of natural colors –  hues of white, black, gray, yellow, green, pink, with and without prominent veins.
Even though there is a wide variety of colors available, white marble is generally the first choice for kitchen or bathroom countertops.

It is a rock resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, commonly limestone or dolomite rock. Metamorphism causes different recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains. The resulting marble rock is typically composed of an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. Sedimentary textures and structures of the original carbonate rock have typically been modified.

Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of limestone. The characteristic swirls and veins of many colored marble varieties are usually due to various mineral impurities, for example – clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, or chert which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone.

Green coloration is often due to serpentine resulting from originally high magnesium limestone or dolostone with silica impurities. These various impurities have been mobilized and recrystallized by the intense pressure and heat of the metamorphism.

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Marble Orlando