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What is the difference between sensa granite and granite?

What is the difference between Sensa Granite and Granite?

Sensa granite is a natural stone granite. Each slab includes SenGuard technology applied during the manufacturing process. The protection sealant that is applied to granite, shields the stone from scratches and stains. Sensa granite has 15 year stain warranty.

What if the surface chipped or cracked?

The penetration of the SenGuard treatment is variable, depending on the granite properties. Depending on the porosity of the stone, research has shown that the penetration can be up to 5 mm. If the granite is chipped more than 5mm, the sensitivity of this area to staining would increase and should be treated properly to prevent staining.

What is the difference between Sensa granite and natural granite?

Both granite and Sensa granite are natural stones. But granite by itself is not sealed. Since granite is a natural stone, it is porous and if it’s not sealed properly, it will stain overtime, as it absorbs the materials. Usually granite company will provide 1 year sealer, but it can always be upgraded to 15 year sealer. SenGuard also offers protective shield that chemically anchors to the stone and it creates a bond between the sealer and the stone penetrating into the stone, which creates permanent bond.

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Author: Natalia Illarionova |  Date Updated: Thursday, 20 November 2014  10:25 am

What is the difference between sensa granite and granite?