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Delicate Style From DuPont Corian ®

Dupont Corian Countertops
20 Jun 2012

Delicate Style From DuPont Corian ®

DuPont Corian is known to have pioneered the industry of man-made solid surface materials for use in homes and hospitals. In 1967, DuPont introduced Corian® Solid Surface material that since then has become a recognized leader and a style setter in the market. During 25 years of Corian exclusivity, the company has managed to bring the materials’ manufacturing technology to perfection and develop know-hows that allowed DuPont Corian® to lead the way as a top-of-the-line countertop surface valued for its stone like appearance and durability.

Seamless design, perfect formability, the extensive variety of colors & hues on offer and with some colors’ transparency to light make DuPont Corian a creativity-friendly material. DuPont Corian ® is available in more than 130 colors and patterns that range from popular white shades to richly ornate marble and granite designs. The unique manufacturing
technology makes it possible to maintain a 100% color consistency and stability of the material mix from batch to batch.

Natural minerals incorporated into the mix ensure Corian’s hardness, durability and resistance to harsh treatments. DuPont Corian ® countertops are acrylic-based, essentially plastic cast into sheets during manufacture. Corian® is nonporous and, since liquids can’t penetrate the surface it’s highly stain resistant and easy to clean. It perfectly
resists mold, bacteria and mildew growth. Corian® is easy to cut, mill, file, grind, polish, drill and route similar to hardwood thus providing a wide selection of surface looks and extreme design flexibility.

Unlike granite tops, DuPont Corian® surfaces can be easily restored so that the surface will return to its’ original look and properties. Due to the homogeneous structure of the material and its seamless design, DuPont Corian countertops are known for their highly hygienic properties and ease of cleaning. Because of this, Corian countertops are
widely used in clinics and hospitals.

With years in the business, Stone Spirit Inc. has gained an extensive experience in working with acrylic-based countertops. It has a variety of DuPont Corian ® colors and designs on offer that are able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Author: Stone Spirit |  Date Updated: Wednesday, 20 June 2012  7:26 am

Delicate Style From DuPont Corian ®